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Suggestions for future builds.

Suggestions for future builds:

When I have an event that occurs on several dates and I add an event date, the calendar that pops up is not relative to the main date I entered and it is easy to pick the wrong month.

For instance, the first date is March 3.  Then when I go down to add an event date, the month that pops up is February.  Shouldn’t it be March or whatever month the start date is???

Also, let’s say the first date class is from 10 am to 4pm.  I wish when I go down to add another event date, it would remember it starts at 10 and ends at 3, rather than forcing me to pick the time.It would be nice if you could just list dates when the time is the same for all…something like March 3, 6, 10, 13.

Is is possible to specify that an event occurs “every 4th Wednesday of every month”, rather than having to go and pick all the 4th Wednesday’s?

Thank you for listening.

BY: annasue - Feb 13,2017 AT 6:36AM - 5 years ago
    • By: infotainerdave Feb 13,2017 AT 7:07AM - Posted 5 years ago - #27771

      Thank you for this great suggestion, at the moment it is not supported and we are going to move this ticket into feature request so other users can vote for your excellent feature idea and get this move into development!


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