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table style

Hey there

I am running a music label with a lot of artists.
I really like the style of EventOn for the single artists, but showing off all artists at once, it is totally confusing, because it is always “too much”.
Is there a way to show the events as a simple table, with the function to sort for eg “Event Type”, or to code this myself in the css field or something?

I am searching for a very simple style like this:

That would be awesome.

BY: Sören Vogelsang - May 13,2022 AT 2:48AM - 12 hours ago
    • By: Artem May 13,2022 AT 2:52AM - Posted 12 hours ago - #277898


      Whet you are trying to achieve isn’t full available. Available styles can be found here:


      Also take a look at our paid add-ons here:

      https://addons.myeventon.com/ (check the sidebar for more examples)

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