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Taxation (via WC settings - entering prices with/without tax) not working with Variations

  • Hi there,
    unfortunately I just realized this too late, since I thought the settings of WC would get passed through the variations, but you must have set up the pricing differently.
    In Germany we are facing a temporary “added value tax/vat adjustment”, were the government decided to adjust the VAT till end of the year (from 19% to 16%) beginning day after tomorrow (1st July).

    Now, normally you can decide to set up your prices including tax or without, and respectively WC displays the price and tax differently.
    This is actually done easily – just change the tax value and thats it.
    However the prices of variations dont seem to work like that. when I set up the regular ticket price (not in variations/options) it works , since your ticket is handled like a regular WC product.
    The variations are different though. So when I change the tax value – ticket price changes – but not the price in variations.
    So in my cart I the see two different prices – one with altered tax , the other (variations) same price regardless of tax alteration..

    this is not good.
    What I have to do now ist to change all the prices to ‘price including vat/tax’ , calculate the reduced tax rate and set it up through all my variations/tickets…
    when I get to end of the year, when tax/vat will come back to the regular value, I will need to calculate all tickets again…
    this is insofar not favorable since I have other products on my website that work with tax control via WC… I need to change those too..

    Since this is a pressing matter, I will have to correct the prices by hand, and convert them end of the year again.
    But you should look into it and check what the best practice for taxing variations would be.

    my best regards

    BY: aovivo - Jun 28,2020 AT 10:57PM - 1 day ago
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