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Tickets and booking continue events

Hello a Query:

I need to sell tickets for individual classes, using Booking and Tickets; but I have a drawback.

The teacher will be available 25 days in June (with several hours each of those days), so the event would last the entire month and could be extended.

When the event is scheduled for a month I cannot sell tickets, during the execution of the event (example, I cannot sell tickets on June 10 because the event started on June 1 and will end on June 30), for some reason (which I do not know) the sale of tickets when the event is already running is not possible.

I don’t want to schedule 25 events (1 for each day, with X hours of teacher availability or slots) since it would be a lot of work and not very scalable.

Is there any way to sell slots (with Booking) without depending on the scheduling dates of an event?

The idea is to continuously sell tickets for tickets to classes of 1 hour, for a month or several continuous months.

BY: Gilberto Jara - Jun 29,2021 AT 3:18PM - 2 days ago
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