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Trying to display year alongside month and date in single event custom display

  • Hello!
    On this page: https://www.davora.co.uk/shop/diwali/
    I have used the following shortcode: [add_single_eventon id=”4985″ ev_uxval=”X” ]
    Then I have used CSS to display only the date and month (next to the title at the top).

    I would like to also display the year here too. How can I do that please?

    BY: Rajeev Arora | Dec 5,2018 AT 10:57AM | Updated 3 months ago
    • Hello,

      Please go to EventON > EventTop > check¬†Event Start Year and Event End Year (If different than start year). I also can’t get access to wp-admin, only to¬†https://www.davora.co.uk/my-account/.

      BY: Artem | Dec 6,2018 AT 4:28AM | Posted 3 months ago
    • Thank you, the year is now showing as required.

      If I want to change the order so that the month is on top and the year is at the bottom, how can I do that? Is there’ a template I can override for this?



      BY: Rajeev Arora | Dec 6,2018 AT 6:22AM | Posted 3 months ago
    • Hi Raj,

      You will need to modify the code in the plugin.

      Unfortunately, we do not provide support for customization here.

      You can send us a customization job request by creating a new ticket in here and selecting Customization Request as the category.

      Also, let us know if you need help with anything else.

      Thank You

      BY: Ashish Rai | Dec 6,2018 AT 8:53AM | Posted 3 months ago


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