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Under myEventON in wp I only have options "Setings, Language, Styles, Addons and Support". Why I don't have "Sync Events" option?

  • I would like to sync google calendar with the myEventON in wordpress, but I don’t seem to have that option. In this tutorial, on a 0:27 timeline, they have multiple options under myEventON (Settings, Language, Styles, Addons….Sync Events..), but I only have the 5 ones (Settings, Language, Styles, Addons&Licences and support). Can you tell me why is this the case, and how can I sync google callendar in WP?

    BY: Milica Bogdanic - Oct 11,2020 AT 7:15AM - 1 month ago
    • By: Basilis Kanonidis Oct 11,2020 AT 8:04AM - Posted 1 month ago - #199945

      Hi Milica,

      Have you tried our plugin

      that does that exactly?

    • By: infotainerdave Oct 11,2020 AT 8:07AM - Posted 1 month ago - #199947

      Sync used to be a paid addon which sync’d facebook events and google- but after facebook changed their API the addon was removed from the shop since april 2018 as most people at the time were using it for facebook events- so we stopped developing it. It was more hassle than profitable and focused on other addons

      However I use this and I bought the pro version- works so much more better than the sync addon we used to have with more options
      It works with google, eventbrite meetup and facebook (facebook if you have https)  and that company has developed a wonderful import of the events. as a result of that plugin – we never really developed the google sync past april 2018 because it was a better option and works with eventon

    • By: infotainerdave Oct 11,2020 AT 8:08AM - Posted 1 month ago - #199949

      These addons cost extra over the main eventon you purchased from codecanyon

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