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Unfriendly and not professional service quality

  • Please check ticket number #145772

    I’m very not satisfied over the service quality offered by Aishish Rai from the beginning until the very end!

    1) at first he’s didn’t reply my message even thought payment has been made
    2) I specified the customisation request in detail but he didn’t bother to read them and request extra charge afterward.
    3) No followup service from him at all, I reported some technician errors in the customisation and he only replied a week later and now he’s blaming me that I didn’t inform him earlier.

    BY: Levi thum - Dec 2,2019 AT 3:37AM - 22 minutes ago
    • By: Ashish Rai Dec 2,2019 AT 8:29AM - Posted 44 minutes ago - #151295


      I am sorry you are not happy with the service provided but I think there are few misunderstandings that I should clear from my part.

      As per policy, clients who request customization work are required to let us know if there is something not working with the custom work within 5 days.

      You said it wasn't working.  We fixed it yesterday and delivered to you and let you know about the support policy thinking you'd not be aware of it. Unlike support for other addons here for which you get continuous assistance, customization is a one-time job. I wasn't blaming you for not informing earlier. I was just telling you about the support policy.

      Regarding work detail, we agreed on a sum based on your original description. I sent you the quote for your initial job description. The system informed me that you had made the payment after which I started the work without being aware that you had added more work request after the agreement had already been made. I only saw your additional work request when I opened the ticket to inform you about the completion of the work, after which I informed you that any additional work request beyond the initial agreement would cost extra. This is a normal way of doing work. If I had seen the additional request before, I would have informed you earlier.


    • By: Levi thum Dec 2,2019 AT 8:51AM - Posted 22 minutes ago - #151315
      1. I made the payment as a deposit to secure the customisation service, even so you didn't even bother to reply and I had to submit another ticket to notify you
      2. The customisation was very straight forward, I told to fix duplicate date/time issue and it happened on event top card and in single event, and I even specified clearly every detail AGAINNN right before you request the access to my website, if you're not agree or aware with those so-called "add-on" then why you request access to my site, and why didn't you clarify it with me earlier?
      3. please check the message date before you tell any policy story here , the message was sent a week ago, ( 1 day right after customisation was delivered ), but you only bother to reply now and telling me those 5 days story?
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