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URL for ics feed from Event Calendar

  • Is there a way to give somebody a url to get each event from the event calendar added automatically in their Outlook or Mac calendar?
    Thanks for the help

    BY: Urs E. Gattiker | Jan 11,2019 AT 6:41AM | Updated 2 months ago
    • Hello,

      Please add this to the shortcode:


      After go to this page and check DOWNLOAD ALL EVENTS AS ICS FILE button. This event should contain every event. The only problem is that it also has nonce for security so you need to remove it and also make changes in the source code to let third-party software download this file.

      You can send us a customization job request by creating a new ticket in here and selecting Customization Request as the category.

      Could you also check maybe Outlook will let you to import events from RSS feed? RSS add-on: https://www.myeventon.com/addons/rss-feed/

      BY: Artem | Jan 11,2019 AT 10:10AM | Posted 2 months ago
    • Added the code to the events page

      But unfortunately the button does nowhere show….

      [add_eventon lang=’L2′ ics=”yes” ]

      BY: Urs E. Gattiker | Jan 11,2019 AT 10:22AM | Posted 2 months ago
    • Please check https://mclago.com/10168-2/

      BY: Artem | Jan 11,2019 AT 10:50AM | Posted 2 months ago
    • Thanks for this I put it in [add_eventon_list number_of_months=”12″ lang=”L2″ ics=”yes” ]

      on my events page   https://mclago.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=8581&action=edit

      But the button fails to show.

      I am probably still doing it wrong



      BY: Urs E. Gattiker | Jan 11,2019 AT 11:06AM | Posted 2 months ago
    • Unfortunately, ics=yes is for Main Calendar only. You can’t use it with Event Lists.

      BY: Artem | Jan 14,2019 AT 5:10AM | Posted 2 months ago


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