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We have RSVP set up on an event. When you enter your name and tab to next area the first are goes blank and you can't see what you have said

  • The area where you fill in goes blank when you teb to next are

    BY: Sandra Squires - Oct 16,2020 AT 8:14AM - 23 hours ago
    • By: Sandra Squires Oct 16,2020 AT 8:16AM - Posted 23 hours ago - #200592

    • By: Artem Oct 16,2020 AT 9:38AM - Posted 22 hours ago - #200596


      There seems to be a problem of incompatibility with the theme. Please add this CSS code to EventON > Styles (If you don’t see any change, EventON > turn off Write styles to header > save settings > turn on Write styles to header):

      .evors_lightbox_body #evorsvp_form .form_row select, .evors_lightbox_body #evorsvp_form .form_row input, .evors_incard_form #evorsvp_form .form_row input, #evorsvp_form .form_row textarea { background: #009200; }

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