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Which Add Ons for my solution

  • Hello, I am looking to build a booking system for a paddleboarding club. Each class has a limited number of spaces, but the class will have spaces for adults and children at different prices. Beginner classes may have different numbers than intermediate. Tickets may be sold through the front end website, but also manually by the owner. I am looking for advice on the selection of add ons required.

    The current site shows a sample here: https://oxfordsupclub.org/product/intermediate-sup-lessons/

    I know I need Event Tickets for selling.
    Will the Ticket variation & options allow me to sell adult and children with varied price from the same event, with combined sales limited by a single ticket limit?
    Does one of your add ons allow me to show events from a single type / category in a calendar form?
    If there were two classes running at the same time (i.e. with two leaders running them), how could Eventon deal with that.

    Thank you for your help.

    BY: Rob Jones - Jul 10,2019 AT 10:58PM - 53 minutes ago
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