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Would like to create a shortcode for all sub categories within a single event type category

Hi, I’m basically trying to do what was requested in this prior support ticket from 2017. Was a solution for this ever created?


I have two main event type categories

event type 1 = “for parents”
event type 2 = “for providers”

I would like to show the “for parents” event calendar on one page using a shortcode, and the “for providers” event calendar on another page.

I figured if I used these two shortcodes it would give me what I want.

For Parents:
[add_eventon cal_id=”1″]

For Providers:
[add_eventon cal_id=”2″]

Apparently both shortcodes still show all events whether the categories selected are in event type 1 or event type 2.

I don’t want to have to update the calendar each time the client adds a category, as was mentioned in the above post.

Could you help me find the best route to accomplish this?

BY: Matthew Sheeks - Jul 20,2021 AT 4:15PM - 55 minutes ago
    • By: infotainerdave Jul 20,2021 AT 5:05PM - Posted 55 minutes ago - #245792

      cal id is not used for your needs

      it would be handy to have wp-admin access so we can see your set up have you put the providers event type as 1 or 2 for example 

      this info allows us to give you the correct info instead of the generalised video below

      see video below

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